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This page provides information and support in the field of employment.

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Written information on essential working conditions

Forms of employment

As a rule, employment at Lund University is to be permanent, also referred to as indefinite term. Fixed-term employment is only possible if supported by law, ordinance or collective agreement.

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Ending employment and preferential right to re-employment

Different notice periods apply following termination by the employer due to redundancy. Termination by the employer means managers must comply with both LAS and various collective agreements. 

Read more about ending employment and preferential right to re-employment


Here managers can read more about managing a redundancy situation.

Read more about the redundancy process

Working hours 

Different working hours regulations apply for different employee categories. Teaching staff and doctoral students are covered by a separate working hours agreement for teaching staff, whereas most other employees are covered by the flexitime agreement. Additionally, some organisations and appointments are covered by other working hours agreements.

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Secondary employment

The main rule is that employees dispose of their leisure time as they wish, meaning that secondary employment is permitted. It is your responsibility as a manager, however, to inform your staff of the rules concerning secondary employment and to require that they stop any unauthorised secondary employment.

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Annual leave and leave of absence

Managers will find information here about planning annual leave and accrued annual leave as well as what applies for other types of leave.

Read more about managing annual leave and leave of absence

Salary setting and salary review

As a manager who sets salaries, you need to be aware of the procedures that apply for salary setting and salary reviews.

Read more about salary setting and salary reviews

Staff appraisals

As a manager, you are responsible for developing operations so that they contribute to the achievement of Lund University’s strategic goals. Staff appraisals allow you and your employees to take joint responsibility for creating the conditions for a well-functioning organisation.

Read more about what to consider before and during staff appraisals in your role as a manager

International secondment with an overseas contract (URA)

Employees who will work abroad for a long period of time are officially deemed to be on international secondment and are to be given an overseas contract (URA).

Read more about international secondment with an overseas contract (URA)


Read more about insurance on the Staff Pages

Written information on essential working conditions

As of 29 June 2022, Lund University as an employer is obliged to inform new employees in writing about essential terms of employment. 

At the university, the information requirement according to section 6 c LAS is initially fulfilled by printing the information sheet "Information on terms of employment according to section 6 c of the Employment Protection Act (1982:80)" together with the employment decision and giving it to the employee no later than 7 calendar days after the employee has started his or her employment.

The same information is also available on Medarbetarwebben and Staff pages via the QR code on the employment decision. The information sheet is also available for printing in Varbi. 

Download Information about terms of employment under Section 6 c of the Employment Protection Act (1982:80) from the HR forms and templates page

If there is additional employment information of essential importance in the individual case, this information can be included in the employment decision under Other information.


Contact the nearest HR function at your faculty/equivalent.


In the first instance, contact your nearest HR function.

You may also use the HR Division’s case management system to ask questions about different areas connected to HR encompassed in your role:  

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