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Recruiting through an academic appointments board

​​​​​​​When recruiting an associate senior lecturer, senior lecturer or professor, the process should usually be handled by the faculty’s academic appointments board (or recruitment board). Each faculty has its own procedures to prepare for appointments, but the basic procedure is described on the following pages.

According to the strategic plan, Lund University should work strategically on recruitment in order to attract and retain engaged and enthusiastic employees. The University should be attractive to international employees and provide clear career paths. The organisation is to be characterised by a positive work environment, gender equality and equal opportunities. Pursuant to the Policy on employment and good and clear career paths for teaching staff and researchers at Lund University, it is also important that the approach to this area is guided by common principles and rules.

Recruitment targets

Quality-assured recruitment is the basis for the University to be able to employ the best teaching staff. Recruitment must be carried out on an objective and non-discriminatory basis in order to make the University an attractive place to work for both national and international staff.

The University’s staffing must be planned according to short and long-term needs. The organisation’s expertise needs, as expressed in a person specification, should guide the entire recruitment process. The recruitment process must be well-documented, conducted professionally and comply with the applicable laws and regulations.

The academic appointments board’s recruitment process

The recruitment process used by an academic appointments board may differ slightly depending on the faculty, but fundamentally, it is based on the laws and regulations that Lund University must follow as a public authority. On the following pages the process is described in writing but is also presented in a flow chart. Recruitment at Lund University should be well-grounded, effective and quality-assured.

At Lund University, competency-based recruitment is recommended throughout the recruitment process. This method is used to clearly define the expertise and knowledge needed for a particular position and to examine which candidate best matches these expertise and knowledge requirements. Speak to the HR officer for the academic appointments board for more information.

The process for managers is divided into three steps: prepare, recruit and employ.

Link to image: The academic appointments board’s process

Link to Prepare – allocation of responsibilities, conflict of interest, needs analysis and person specification

Link to Recruit – advertising vacancies, shortlisting and selecting the best candidate

Link to Employ – salary setting, decision to appoint, appeals and introductions

Link to Recruitment process for members of the academic appointments board or its associated HR officer