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Systematic work environment management when working abroad

The employer is responsible for systematic work environment management even if the employee is working abroad. Read more about the support available for managers.

Contents on this page:

Swedish work environment legislation is limited to within Sweden’s borders, however an employer’s responsibility to work systematically on work environment management and to reduce risks and ill health still applies when an employee is working abroad. Responsibility for rehabilitation is also unchanged.

With this in mind, the Human Resources Division has created support material for managers. This material can be used as a basis for meetings, including those with employees who will be working abroad.

The support material consists of several components and includes points for managers to consider/implement before, during and after an employee’s time abroad.


Templates are also available that can be used during meetings with the employee and their manager/equivalent at the host unit (if applicable). 

Download the templates on the HR forms and templates page.

Before departure, managers must:

  • Meet with the employee (see the meeting with employee template below).
  • Meet with the manager/equivalent at the host unit (see meeting with host unit template below).
  • Consult with the Security and Environment Division to determine security levels and any restrictions related to the country of destination, and inform the employee accordingly.

During the employee’s time abroad, managers must:

  • Communicate regularly with the employee (see meeting with employee template below).   
  • Keep the health and safety representative updated about any changes.
  • Report any incidents, occupational injuries and illness in accordance with the relevant procedures.
    Read more about reporting incidents and occupational injuries
  • Consult with the host unit (see meeting with host unit template below).

After the employee´s time abroad, managers must:

  • Conduct a general follow-up for the time abroad (there is a template for having this discussion with the employee). 
  • Confirm hours worked – for example, overtime, need for rest for a day/week.
  • Confirm if there have been any insurance claims.
  • Confirm if there is any need for rehabilitation or counselling.


Contact your HR officer or your faculty/equivalent work environment coordinator in the event of questions.

You may also use the HR Division’s case management system to ask questions to the Division about different areas connected to HR encompassed in your role. 

A link to the case management system can be found on this page on the right