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Compensation for inconvenient working hours

For work at inconvenient working hours, compensation is paid by the employer, known as "Ob-ersättning". As a manager, you can read more about this compensation here.

Inconvenient working hours

Inconvenient working hours are working hours performed in the evenings, nights and weekends.

Lund University has a local collective agreement that regulates compensation for work performed during inconvenient working hours.

The level of compensation varies depending on when the working hours are organised.

Compensation for inconvenient working hours

Compensation is paid for regular working hours that are scheduled to be performed at inconvenient times. It cannot be combined with overtime. Working hours when additional time supplement is paid are equated with regular working hours. Casual pay is not paid for working hours that are within the flexitime framework but outside regular working hours.

Compensation is paid at a fixed rate per hour. The sum of the compensation for a calendar month is totalled separately and rounded up to the nearest half hour.

The time when inconvenient working hours are performed is registered in Primula. No registration is made during holidays, leave or other absences.

Other regulation of holiday pay

Evening and weekend teaching for teachers is regulated in the local agreement on working hours for teachers.

Accordingly, a special duty allowance is paid in accordance with section 3 of the current local agreement on fees for hourly teaching and for evening and weekend teaching.

This is to be registered in Primula.


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