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Overtime relating to non-regulated working hours

Confidential working hours

The rules on overtime and additional hours do not apply to employees with non-regulated/confidential working hours, which means extra responsibility for you as a manager. Read more about overtime in the case of confidential working hours.

Employees with confidential working hours are not entitled to overtime supplement and the rules on overtime and additional time in the conditional agreements are not applicable.

Nor do the provisions of the Work Environment Act, such as the employer's obligation to keep records of overtime, apply to these employees.

This means that you, as a manager, have an extra responsibility from a work environment point of view to systematically monitor that employees with non-regulated/confidential working hours are not exposed to physical or mental strain that can lead to ill health.


In the first instance, contact your nearest HR function.

You may also use the HR Division’s case management system to ask questions about different areas connected to HR encompassed in your role:  

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