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Risk and impact assessment in view of organisational change

When organisational changes are planned, the employer is to assess whether the changes entail risks from a work environment perspective. Here we have collected information for managers about how to go about this. 

Prior to making organisational changes, you are to carry out a risk and impact assessment. Examples of such changes are:

  • The introduction of new equipment, or modification of existing equipment.
  • Organisational changes such as staff changes or the merging of two departments/divisions.
  • Introduction of new procedures or working methods.
  • In the case of renovation and new construction or temporary relocation during extensive renovations.
  • In the case of new or modified handling of chemical products, microbiological sources of risk or flammable goods.
  • Changes to rules or instructions.

Risk and impact assessments should be conducted at the organisational level at which the changes are being planned and decided on. Risk and impact assessments are to be carried out in collaboration with health and safety representatives, employees and, where appropriate, student representatives. The role of the health and safety representatives is to represent employees in work environment management and contribute with their knowledge in work environment issues.

Describe the planned changes, as well as the background and purpose of their implementation. Document the exact changes to be made, which part or parts of the organisation are affected, as well as which employees.

A template for use in risk and impact assessments in view of organisational change can be found in the right-hand column. This template uses three levels to evaluate risk, ranging from low to severe.

A more detailed explanation of the risk assessment process can be found here 

Managers must conduct negotiations concerning any major changes as stipulated in the Swedish Employment (Co-Determination in the Workplace) Act. A work environment-based risk and impact assessment must always be appended as documentation prior to such a negotiation. 

Read more about Co-Determination in the Workplace negotiations


Contact your HR officer or your faculty/equivalent work environment coordinator in the event of questions.

You may also use the HR Division’s case management system to ask questions to the Division about different areas connected to HR encompassed in your role. 

A link to the case management system can be found on this page on the right